Addressing recent safety concerns

 Jul, 13 - 2017   Uncategorized

There has been some recent events happening with a Youtuber named Desolator Magic. We would like to officially explain our stance on the entire ordeal. We have chosen to ban Desolator Magic from attending Kitsunekon 2017 due to a possible threat to attendees and staff.

While this Youtuber has stated he has concealed carry, what he stated on the online video made some attendees very uncomfortable.

This situation was reviewed by our board, the hotel, and the Green Bay Police Department. The end decision was to apply the ban.

Now the official stance of the Hotel (which as a convention we have agreed with and chose to follow for safety of all in attendance) is that they do not allow any weapons of any kind (concealed carry or not).

We have received some messages very recently about how we are protecting our attendees. As we have had every year, we have a full security staff as well as the Green Bay Police Department.

We certainly apologize about the restrictions and the ban. The decisions we made were in the best interests of all the attendees and staff at the event.

Please feel free to contact us further with any additional questions, concerns, or thoughts.