Do you like ninjas, samurai, vikings, or knights? Now is your chance to fight like one. Pick up a sword and test your might!

Kitsune Kon boffer room offers a safe way for new-comers and experienced fighters alike to test their skills in the arena.

The rules are simple

  1.  Don’t be a jerk
  2. No hitting in the face or neck
  3. If you get hit in a limb, you lose the limb. Lose 2 limbs, you’re dead
  4. If you get hit in the chest, stomach, back, or butt, you’re dead


There are plenty of different types of weapons to use in the battlefield. Short swords, daggers, two-handed swords, spears, and of course a trusty shield. Different weapons do different things in battle, they are divided by color.

Blue weapons: Shorter slashing weapons that are usually used with one hand. Use with a second blue sword or a shield.

Red weapons: Longer two-handed weapons. With two solid hits it can break shields. Use the longer weapon to keep enemies at a distance. Use with a blue sword as back-up in case you lose an arm.

Green weapons: Stabbing only weapons such as daggers or spears. This can be combined with a blue or red weapon to have a blue/green or red/green weapon for both slashing and stabbing.

Shields: Use to block and counter-attack. Can be broken by a red weapon. Use with a blue weapon or bring out your inner Spartan and pair with a spear.