Guest Announcement: Joel McDonald

 Jan, 29 - 2018   Guests

Joel McDonald is a full-time ADR director with Funimation and a not-enough-of-the-time voice actor for anime and video games. He’s directed shows like Initial D (in which he also plays Takumi), Space Dandy (where he plays Meow), and One Piece (hey, he’s Kuma, too!). He’s also been in Baccano! as Jacuzzi Splot, Hetalia as Poland, Fairy Tail as Zeref, Panty and Stocking as Brief, and Borderlands 2 as Captain Flynt and Tector Hodunk. Joel is also an adaptive scriptwriter who may or may not have just finished writing all 148 episodes and 2 movies of Hunter x Hunter, which airs on Toonami. So that’s pretty cool. Most of Joel’s panels are geared toward helping you get into the VO industry, so come find out how to become a pro VA! Or just come tell him he doesn’t suck as much as everybody says.

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