Kitsune Kon 2015

 May, 06 - 2014   Uncategorized

Good day all you fine and wonderful people out there! The days of waiting expectantly have now come to an end with the release of the dates of next year’s Kon. We will be keeping all of you updated with all the important info for next year such as confirmed guests, ticket availability, events, and anything else Kon related.  The Kon will start on the 20th of March and go through the 22nd and will take place at the KI Convention Center in Green Bay.  This info and more can be found in the sidebar.  Be sure to check the Kitsune Kon facebook page as well for more updates and info. The biggest change this year is the location since the Paper Valley’s cap on con-goers was nearly reached this past year. They do have renovation plans in the works and we are eager to see their expansions finished in 2016!