Kitsune Kon All Nighter

 Jul, 06 - 2015   Gaming

Hello Mina-san 🙂

On Dec 5th-Dec 6th the Kitsune Kon Video Game Staff is running the first annual All Nighter with 24 hours of Video Gaming Goodness.

Here’s just a sampling of what you can expect:
Classic and Modern Consoles
Over 4500 games available to play
Free play arcade machines
LAN gaming
Tournaments with prizes, like Super Smash Bros U

Everything starts Saturday Dec 5th at 1pm at the Radisson Paper Valley Hotel, in the Evergreen and Aspen rooms (the origins of the Kitsune Kon Video Gaming), and it all concludes 24 hours later at 1pm on Sunday Dec 6th.

How much? $15 for the entire event. You can even leave for a few hours (or get that thing called sleep) and come back later on to game some more.

Make sure you check out our event page on Facebook for the latest about the All Nighter Event Page.

Hope to see you there in December!