New Guest: DC Douglas

 Aug, 24 - 2015   Uncategorized

Hello Mina-san 🙂

As you may have already heard while at Geek.kon last weekend, we are happy to announce that Albert Wesker himself, DC Douglas, will be at Kitsune Kon 2016.

DC Douglas

Along with playing Wesker in the Resident Evil games, DC Douglas has acted in many anime, games, and live action shows like Raven in Tekken 6, Superman in Family Guy, Pa Kettle in Z Nation, and Bud in Sharknado 2.

For more information about DC Douglas, you can check a sampling of his list of work on our Guest Bio page.

And don’t forget to pre-register for Kitsune Kon soon.  Next week Tier 1 ends.  Tier 2 officially begins September 1st!