Cosplay and Prop Rules

Cosplay rules

  • All cosplay must be appropriate for a public setting, comply with hotel policies, and state/local laws.
  • No bare feet, sharp protrusions (i.e. spikes, etc.), hate speech or symbols (Nazi, KKK, etc.) or anything vulgar.
  • No real firearms, live steel, or projectiles of any kind (air-soft pellets, arrows, Nerf darts, water, etc.)
  • All firearm props must have an orange tip clearly displayed.
  • Props may not be taller than your height or must be able to break down.
  • You must be able to safely carry your prop around the convention area without risk of any kind of injury to yourself or others or destruction of con or hotel property. Also, paint or makeup should not come off during contact with anything or anyone.
  • The barest minimum of coverage that will be allowed will be that of a bikini. Body paint, pasties, etc. are not considered adequate body coverage.  Remember, kids will be there at the Kon too.
  • If you are asked for a photo, or vice versa, please try to move out of the flow of traffic.


  • Kitsune Kon staff reserves the right to enforce these rules to their discretion, and please, be responsible and use common sense about cosplay and props, and be safe!