Cosplay, Prop & Harassment Policies

Cosplay & Prop Policy

  • All cosplay must be appropriate for a public setting, comply with hotel policies, and state/local laws. If it’s illegal outside the event, it’s illegal inside the event.
  • No bare feet (i.e. no just socks or stockings, shoes must have a hard sole), sharp protrusions (i.e. spikes, etc.), hate speech or symbols (Nazi, KKK, etc.) or anything vulgar.
  • No real firearms, live steel, or projectiles of any kind (air-soft pellets, arrows, (including but not limited to non-tipped archery arrows) Nerf darts, water, etc.)
  • All firearm props must have an orange tip clearly displayed.
  • Props may not be taller than your height or must be able to break down. You must be able to safely carry your prop around the convention area without risk of any kind of injury to yourself or others or destruction of con or hotel property.
  • Paint or makeup should not come off during contact with anything or anyone. Any makeup improperly sealed or coming off onto people, objects, or property will be asked to seal or change. Attendee is responsible for any damages incurred in improper sealing of makeup.
  • The barest minimum of coverage that will be allowed will be that of a bikini. Body paint, pasties, etc. are not considered adequate body coverage as requested by our venue and local law.
  • No clothing featuring sexually explicit content (ahegao or similar print, hentai depictions or print, pornographic or similar prints, rape themed content or print, etc.)
  • If you are asked for a photo, or vice versa, please try to move out of the flow of traffic.
  • No roller skates, roller blades, ice skates, hoverboards, skateboards (motorized or non), long boards, bicycles, pogo sticks, scooters, unicycles (motorized or pedal), segways, heeleys, etc.
  • Kitsune Kon staff reserves the right to enforce these rules to their discretion, and please, be responsible and use common sense about cosplay and props, and be safe!


You miss your friends and we miss you! So why not get a head start on making group for that cosplay you’re making right now?

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Please fill this form out to be a part of our masquerade!
If you have questions on this form please email our head of cosplay, Willow, at :
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Harrassment Policy:

To help ensure our attendees’ happiness and a successful convention, Kitsune Kon has established a code of conduct and behavior policy for all attendees. We believe Kitsune Kon should be a fun convention for everyone, regardless of gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, religion, or other demographic. Kitsune Kon cannot guarantee to any attendee that they will be free from any uninvited or unwanted behavior by another attendee.

If you are being harassed, notice that someone else is being harassed or have any other concerns, please contact a member of convention staff immediately or report the behavior in the Con-Ops/Security.

Harassment includes, but is not limited to:

Offensive verbal comments related to gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, religion, or other characteristic or demographic.

Deliberate intimidation.



Bathroom policing.

Harassing photography, recording, or social media communications regarding guests of the convention, Kitsune Kon staff, or Kitsune Kon.

Sustained disruption of talks or other events.

Inappropriate or unwelcome physical contact (this includes “glomping”).

Unwelcome sexual attention.

Continued contact, conversation, photography, videography, or other attention after an individual has asked you to stop or leave them alone.

The display or distribution of sexually related materials to individuals under the age of 18 (which is expressly prohibited and illegal).

Other actions as determined by Kitsune Kon and its agents on a case-by-case basis.

All decisions regarding whether a particular action is to be deemed harassment shall be made solely by Kitsune Kon and its authorized agents. Individuals asked to stop any prohibited behaviors are expected to comply immediately, regardless of whether an attendee or convention staff makes the request.

If a participant engages in harassing behavior, the convention organizers may, but are not obligated to, take any action they deem appropriate, including expelling the offender from the convention without refund and refusing to sell the offender a membership badge for any or all future conventions. Kitsune Kon also reserves the right to notify site security or local law enforcement of any unacceptable and/or illegal behavior. Kitsune Kon does not assume any responsibility for the actions of its participants or vendors.

When making a report, please be aware that Kitsune Kon is a convention with several thousand attendees and convention staff may need assistance identifying the offender. Providing a clear physical description (approximate height, weight, clothing or cosplay, etc.), identifying features, and/or badge information will assist us greatly.

If you feel that you have been harassed in violation of the law, Conn Ops or Security can assist you in contacting local law enforcement on your request. The safety and security of all attendees and guests at Kitsune Kon are our top priorities.