Panel Submission Form and Guidelines

Kitsune Kon 2018 Panel Submission

Fill out this form to submit a panel you want to run at Kitsune Kon 2018. Submissions will be reviewed and you will be contacted if your panel was accepted. Please read the guidelines for submitting a panel below. Please email with any questions.

Click here for the Panel Submission form


Panel Submission Guidelines

– All panels must be submitted no later than May 1st, 2018 at 11:59PM.
– Unless other arrangements are made in advance, panels are limited to 50 minutes (or 1 hour, 50 minutes for a two-hour block). This is to ensure there is time to set up between panels and allow people to filter in and out of the room.
– This is your chance to be creative and formulate your own panel; you are responsible for running the panel, finding panelists and creating your own content. Kitsune Kon will be able to provide projectors and audio equipment for panelists. Any additional equipment needed is the responsibility of the panelists.
– Panels should reflect an aspect of Anime culture but it is not necessary. Topics will be reviewed case by case to see if they would be relevant to Kitsune Kon’s convention setting.
– Panels marked “18+” indicates the panel contains content inappropriate for congoers under the age of 18. It will be placed in the “Adult Programming” which will be scheduled for late night unless prior arrangements are made. Congoers under 18 will not be permitted to attend.
– Kitsune Kon reserves the right to reject any panel submission based on subject or content that may be seen as inappropriate or irrelevant.If you are volunteering for Kitsune Kon, your panel can count towards your volunteer hours! Please email for more information.