DJ Lineup Announcement

 Feb, 23 - 2015   Uncategorized

Hello Mina-san  🙂 We are ready to start bringing you DJ announcements for Kitsune Kon’s Amplifier 2015! This year’s line­up is going to be absolutely massive, with a unique line­up for both our (new!) Friday and Saturday dances, and our first announcement bringing in some of the most talented DJs and artists from around the state. No matter […]

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Hello Mina-san  🙂 We are pleased to announce that Richard Epcar and Ellyn Stern will be at Kitsune Kon 2015. You may recognize Richard as Zangetsu in Bleach, and the Joker in the game Injustice, along with many other roles in anime and video games. Ellyn’s work includes Masaki Kurosaki in Bleach and Haraway in […]

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Guest: Faecakes Cosplay

 Jan, 23 - 2015   Uncategorized

Hello Mina-san, Today we want to showcase one of our Guests for Kitsune Kon 2015: Faecakes Cosplay. Fae is an award winning cosplayer, accomplished in both her master craftsmanship and performance.  She’s well familiar with the convention scene and cosplay competitions, including even judging contests. When she isn’t creating new outfits, she works with many […]

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Guest: Joel McDonald

 Jan, 09 - 2015   Uncategorized

Hello Mina-san 🙂 Today we want to showcase one of our Guests for Kitsune Kon 2015:  Joel McDonald. Director, Voice Actor, aspiring Koala Farmer…  Some of his work includes Meow from Space Dandy and Poland in Hetalia.  Plus he directed One Piece and Deadman Wonderland, along with Space Dandy too. We’re happy to have Joel […]

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Guest DJ: Jeffito

 Mar, 09 - 2014   Uncategorized

Hello Mina-san.  🙂 We are happy to announce that Jeffito will be at Kitsune Kon this year.   You may have seen him at ACEN before, and he will be a special guest MC at our dance.   Feel free to check out his bio on our Guest Page.

Hello Mina-san  🙂 We are happy to bring back DJ No Cenzor.  He will be back at the Dance and showing off his skills for everyone.  And, if you catch him at the convention, don’t forget to bring your 3DS to get a Street Pass. Feel free to check his bio onour Guest Page.