Hello Mina-san  🙂 The latest installment of the Kitsune Kon Podcast bring in guest Brian, Kitsune Kon’s Programming Chair, to talk about Thor, fandoms, Game of Thrones, spoilers, and so much more. Enjoy.

A Podcast Holiday Special

 Dec, 27 - 2013   Media

Hello Mina-san  🙂 In celebration for the holidays, here is A Podcast Holiday Special.  Whichever you Celebrate, even if it’s Life Day, feel free to watch them discuss the new Hobbit movie, Ingris, and review the show Kill La Kill.

Podcast – October 2013

 Oct, 16 - 2013   Media

Hello Mina-san.  The Podcast Team assembles to talk about movies in this latest installment. Enjoy, and feel free to subscribe to our YouTube Channel.  🙂

Podcast – June 2013

 Oct, 16 - 2013   Media

The Podcast Team talks about movies, zombies, and Simon Pegg. Enjoy  🙂   THE FLOOR IS LAVA!!!

Podcast – May 2013

 Oct, 16 - 2013   Media

With a new Podcast Team, the Podcast Assembled to talk about ACEN, Iron Man, and anything Geek. Enjoy  🙂

Podcast – January 2013

 Oct, 16 - 2013   Media

Inuyasha: Final Act, and An Unexpected Journey, are the focus of the Podcast Crew this time. Enjoy  🙂