Panel Schedule

 Jun, 27 - 2016   Events

Hello Mina-san  🙂 The Kon is fast approaching.  In just a few short weeks Kitsune Kon begins. To help you plan out your own schedule for Kitsune Kon this year, here is the Panel and Video Game Schedule.  Feel free to take a look at it here. And, don’t forget to pre-reg while you can. […]

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Kitsune Kon 2015 Event Schedule

 Mar, 08 - 2015   Events

Hello Mina-san  🙂 The Kon is fast approaching, and there will be many things to see and do in just two weeks.    From Dances to Ewoks, AMVs to Yu-gi-oh!, with even some Cards Against Humanity and Werewolf thrown into the mix, there’s something for everyone. The Kitsune Kon 2015 Event Schedule is now available. […]

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Hello Mina-san 🙂 Panel submission officially closes January 31st at midnight. Looking to run a panel? Want to tell people why something is awesome? Or lead a friendly debate? Or something completely different? Don’t forget to submit your panel while you can before the deadline.

Hello all Do you want to help make Kitsunekon Awesome? Do you have a great idea for a panel? Now is the time to let us know!  Click the button below to drop by the Panel Submission page for guidelines and rules regarding submissions.   [button color=”red” url=”″ size=”medium”]Panel Submissions and Guidelines[/button]

Hello Mina-san  🙂 Ready for Kitsune Kon yet?  Here is the panel schedule for the entire convention. You can get the full list of days here. Or you can view each day separately as a PDF File: Friday Saturday Sunday You can view the Gaming Schedule here.

Hello Mina-san. 🙂 Looking to do a panel at Kitsune Kon? Feel free to submit your panel idea.  If it’s for all ages or just 18+, or talking about how awesome Star Wars is or Star Trek, or anime, Dr. Who, gaming, or geekness in general, or anything in general, it’s your chance to shine. […]

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