Hello Mina-san  🙂 Pre-registration is officially closed. If you have not purchased your badge yet, tis okay.  Registration will be open Friday at the convention, and you can purchase a badge at the door if you haven’t already. A weekend badge at the door is $40. Day passes are also available: Friday: $20 Saturday: $25 […]

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Hello Mina-san 🙂 Tier 3 officially ends tomorrow, Feb 28th at Midnight. After Saturday, the prices will increase at the door. Make sure you pre-register while you can at the pre-reg prices.  

Pre-Reg Ends Saturday

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Hello Mina-san  🙂 Don’t forget to pre-reg while you can at the Tier 3 rate.  Pre-Registration officially ends on Saturday, Feb 28th at midnight. After that, you will have to register at the Kon at the At the Door prices.

Hello Mina-san  Have you pre-regged yet? Tier 2 officially ends at the end of the month at midnight. Hurry to get your chance to pre-reg at the current rate, as starting January 1st the normal badge price will increase to $30 for Tier 3. Register Now

Registration Hours

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Hello Mina-san 🙂 Just 6 more days… Are you ready yet? Registration is opening up the pre-reg line early. If you pre-regged, you can stop con-ops (Lawrence Room) on Thursday night from 5pm to 10pm to pick up your badge early. If you can’t make it Thursday, that’s okay, registration opens 10am on Friday. If […]

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Hello Mina-san 🙂 Don’t forget that pre-registration ends at Midnight tonight. The price of a weekend badge will increase to $40 at the door, the day of the convention.